Nevada Brothel List

List is current as of December 2018 and is subject to change. You are advised to call ahead to verify hours and other details.



Amargosa Valley

Battle Mountain


  • Dovetail Ranch (Website) 402 NV-278, Carlin, NV 89822 (Map)  (775) 754-6900

  • Sharon's Brothel & Bar (Website) 501 NV-278, Carlin, NV 89822 (Map)  (775) 754-6427




  • Stardust Ranch 190 High St, Ely, NV 89301 (Map)  (775) 289-5352

  • Big 4 Ranch (Website) 135 High St, Ely, NV 89301 (Map)  (775) 289-3174


  • Wild Cat Brothel (Facebook) 2.9 Miles South on US Highway 95, Mina, NV 89422 (Map)  (775) 573-2414

Mound House



  • Mustang Ranch (Website) 1011 Wild Horse Canyon Dr, Sparks, NV 89434 (Map)  (800) 727-8638


  • Bella's Hacienda Ranch (Website) Hacienda Ranch Rd, Wells, NV 89835 (Map)  (775)752-9914

  • Donna's Ranch (Website) 679 8th St, Wells, NV 89835 (Map)  (775)752-9959




































For insights into the legal brothel system in Nevada, see

I've tried to maintain a simple, easy to use list here for reference. For anybody needing to contact me, my username on SIN is "liberty". Don't spam me, or I'll block you.





Nov 29, 2018, Nevada Brothel Owner Launches Sex Industry Advocacy and Education Nonprofit, Nevada Capital News


May 30, 2018, How Legal Prostitution Works in Nevada, Elko Daily Free Press



















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